What do we offer?

Dive into Portugal with online virtual experiences by Professional Portuguese Tour Guide Rafael Pereira.


A captivating, educational and fun way of virtual traveling.

Altough nothing replaces the experience of being in a new country, here you can:

  • Get all the backround and information you need for a future visit

  • Refresh your memory and reconnect to Portugal

  • Expand your horizon and learn about a new country and culture

90-minute online class. You can choose your topic from our list or make a custom request.

About Rafael

I was born in Brazil to a family with Portuguese ancestry and came to Portugal at the age of 3. When I turned 18 and joined the Portuguese Navy, I began to develop a genuine love and interest for my culture and history, as well as for traveling. I got a Bachelor in Tourism and a Post Grad in Tour Guiding and quickly discovered that sharing and teaching about my culture was truly enjoyable. 


I went to Lisbon and began working as a guide in 2012. Four years after that, the famous travel guru Rick Steves came on my tour and by the end he offered me a job. I have been working as a guide for Ricks Steves Europe ever since, as well as guiding my own tours. 


Since March 2020 the world of international travel has come to a full stop, but learning about different cultures is still possible and a true educational opportunity.



Choose a class or make a request.

Introduction to Portugal

This course is designed to get you started with Portugal. We will cover many different topics ranging from geography to history, gastronomy and culture. This course is useful for anyone who has been to Portugal and wishes to refresh their memory, but also for those who want to prepare for a future visit.


The basics of the Portuguese Age of Exploration

How did a small and poor medieval country come to be the first global sea empire in history and dominate world commerce for more than a century? Explore in depth the process which kickstarted modern day globalization.


The Great Lisbon Earthquake

In 1755 the Portuguese empire was quickly losing its ground. Its capital, Lisbon, was decadent, fervently religious and heavily populated. On November 1, All Saints Day, the earth shook with horryfing power and the city crumbled to a hellish landscape of fiery debris and chaos. We´ll talk about the natural phenomenon, the destruction and reconstruction of Lisbon, and the impacts of this event in Portugal and Europe.


What do Portuguese people eat and drink? 

On a Portuguese table there is always bread and wine  - that’s what we say and that’s what we do. But there is much more - our gastronomy is old, rich and spiced with influences from all over the world. You will learn about our most important wine regions and also pick up some recipes to try out.


The magic of Fado Music

How about an hour and a half guided music experience with historical backround and cultural insights? Learn about what makes Fado unique and how it´s an expression of the untranslatable feelings of Portuguese culture.


The art of Portuguese Tiles

No other country has been so inventive and creative with tiles as Portugal. We have used them in our churches, modern buldings, gardens and houses for 500 years. Sign up for a visual experience as you discover how the usage of tiles has shifted with the different artistic currents and historic periods.

Image by Jure Tufekcic

What´s happening in Portugal right now? 

Are you preparing a future trip to Portugal? Do you want to move to Portugal? Do you want a local, personal perspective about the current events in this country? Or maybe just a friendly and informative conversation with a Portuguese person? Whatever it is, we can talk about Portugal – present and future!



To book your class or find out more send me a message via the contact form. I'll get back to you soon.


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